E6.1 - Inner heights 29-80mm, Inner widths 30-600mm

After 10 successful years as a cleanroom and “whisper“ chain, the new generation is in the starting blocks. Besides the E6‘s proven benefits the new generation offers further advantages that significantly simplify the handling. Moreover, due to changes in the design the accessibility to the interior has been improved, the weight reduced and the assembly made easier.

  • Version without camber by turning the inner links
  • Super quiet due to small pitch and "brake" in the stop dog system
    (E61. at 1m/s = 32dB(A) according to igus internal test 4479)
  • Extremely low vibration
  • Low-abrasion fastening system (no pin/hole connection)
  • Virtually no polygon effect, resulting in smooth operation
  • The smooth inner space is free of awkward edges for a long service-life of cables and hoses
  • Series E61.29: Crossbars snap-open on both sides and are removable along the inner and outer radius
  • Approx. 30% weight reduction compared to System E6
  • Low-priced
  • Inner height: 29 to 80mm
  • Available in 3 versions: Openable from both sides along the inner and outer radius, Removable from both sides along the inner and outer radius and Removable along the inner and outer radius
  • Extremely quiet 32 dB(A)
  • High push/pull forces
  • Suitable for ISO class 1 cleanroom use: virtually no wear or abrasion
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