Energy chains for robots

In 3D applications, rotating and pivoting movements are part of everyday life. Energy chains are required here, which safely guide and protect robot cables. The triflex R (TRE, TRC and TRL) energy chain has been specifically developed for demanding multi-axis robots. Due to its high tensile force absorption and high flexibility, the energy chain enables a rotation of about ±10° per chain link with complicated motions in the vertical axes. Compared to a cable protection hose, triflex R offers a defined bend radius, which greatly increases the service life of cables and hoses.

triflex® R (R for "round") is the third generation of multi-axis igus® e-chains®. The multi-axis triflex® R energy supply system was specially developed for sophisticated 6-axis robotic applications in harsh industrial environments. Some of the important design features are: fibre-rod option for the partial reinforcement of the triflex® R, approximately +/- 10° torsion per chain link, high tensile strength through ball and socket joint. More than 100 components are available in the triflex® R product range, covering all requirements from large welding robots down to small palletising robots. triflex® R has received the iF Design award.

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