Linear Units

Navigate through a spectrum of precision and power with Treotham’s extensive range of linear units, featuring products from industry-leading brands such as Thomson, Neff, and Tollo. 

From the most compact and discrete to the largest and most robust units, our lineup ensures adaptability to varied industrial needs. 

Offering a diverse array of ball screw and belt-driven units, utilising many guide technologies, our linear units are meticulously designed to perform impeccably in harsh environments, high-speed scenarios, and high-precision systems alike.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide Product Range: From compact to robust, our linear units cater to a myriad of application needs and size prerequisites.
  • Diverse Mechanisms: Offering both ball screw and belt-driven units to ensure optimal functionality in varied operational contexts.
  • Enduring Performance: Crafted to excel in harsh environments, ensuring durability and reliability even in the most demanding conditions.
  • High-Speed and Precision: Engineered to perform with impeccable accuracy and at elevated speeds, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Reputable Brands: Featuring products from renowned brands like Thomson, Neff, and Tollo, assuring quality and performance.

Linear Units Product Range

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