Safety Light Arrays

Safety Light Arrays are used to provide body protection in hazardous areas or to secure hazardous areas from unauthorized access. To accomplish these tasks, they have a low resolution as a safety light curtain. This ensures that the safety light array activates when the safety field is breached by a person’s body. A total of three different variants with resolutions of 300, 400, and 500 millimetres are available.

This electro-sensitive protective equipment of Type 4 (EN 61496) meets the highest requirements of machine safety with its Protection Category 4 and Performance Level e (DIN EN ISO 13849-1) ratings. In addition, safety light arrays provide a number of operating modes and features. Certain safety light arrays from the SEFB series are also equipped with muting features. With these enhanced features, safety light curtains can be bridged using time controls in order to transport material safely in and out of the hazardous area.  This ensures protection against unauthorized access.

Application examples:

  • Access and area protection
  • Body protection in hazardous areas
  • Protection of palletisers
  • Protection of packaging machines
  • Protection of woodworking machines
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