Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains provide reliable hand and finger protection for people working in the hazardous areas of machines and systems. In contrast to safety light arrays, safety light curtains have a higher resolution for detecting small body parts reliably. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 13855, Wenglor provides light curtains for finger protection with a resolution of 14 millimetres and for hand protection with a resolution of 30 millimetres. This electro-sensitive protective equipment of Type 4 (EN 61496) achieves the highest Safety Category 4 and Performance Level e per DIN EN ISO 13849-1 ratings. Furthermore, safety light curtains provide extensive additional features like muting and blanking. With the muting feature, safety light curtains can be bridged using time controls in order to transport material safely in and out of the hazardous area. This ensures protection against unauthorized access.

Application examples:

  • Finger/hand protection in hazardous areas
  • Protection of packaging machines
  • Protection of palletisers
  • Protection of woodworking machines
  • Protection of manual workstations
  • Protection of assembly systems
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