e-skin® - Inner heights 28-40mm, Inner widths 33-85mm

The production of microchips, flat screens, implants, pharmaceutical products or micro- and nano-products would be inconceivable without a clean, pure or high-purity manufacturing environment. Any contamination has a direct negative impact on products and processes and costs a lot of money to the manufacturer.

For the area of energy supply, igus has therefore developed a modular corrugated tube and a flat cable guidance system for cleanrooms. They supply machines with data, media and energy and minimise abrasion. As a result, there are no particles that can get into the air. Delimiting rules are adhered to and contamination is avoided.

  • Inner height: 28 to 40mm
  • Can be opened and closed like a zipper
  • Less installation space required
  • Protection against dust and water ingress
  • IPA classification 1
  • Second prize in the 2018 Fraunhofer clean technology awards
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