T3 - Inner height 29mm, Inner widths 30-140mm

T3 System combines low-noise operation, low sound level, simple installation and cost effectiveness. The side plates that can be plugged into each other replace the conventional pin/hole connection and prevent relative movements between the joints. For this reason, an almost complete freedom from wear is attained (clean room). The geometry of the T profile ensures that almost no polygon effect is generated during the filling of the e-chain®. The T band operates very harmoniously and round, and has extremely low vibration and noise In order to reduce the manufacturing and assembly costs, the T-profile is mounted not individually, but - similar to the igus® E3 System - in a length of 8 chain links. Due to its low weight the igus® T-Band is suitable for applications with rather low fill weights and short strokes, combined with high accelerations and speeds.

Extremely low noise - System T3 tests in the igus® lab showed at 1 m measuring intervals: a value of ≈ 33 dB(A) at 26.5 dB(A) basic sound level for Series T3.29.050.038

  • Inner height: 29mm
  • Crossbars removable along the inner and outer radius
  • Very lightweight e-chain®
  • Small bend radius and smallest installation spaces
  • Quiet 33 dB(A)
  • Cleanroom ISO class 2
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