Light Curtains Pick-to-Light

Pick-to-Light curtains use the single-lens reflex principle. The necessary reflector is pre-installed on the rear of the housing and serves as a reflective surface for the neighbouring light curtain. Alignment and commissioning are facilitated by the visible red light.

Pick-to-Light curtains prevent errors during picks from shelves and storage areas. The job display, which uses a green or red light and is easily visible from a 360° radius, indicates correct and incorrect picks: The green job display is controlled by the input and indicates that a part should be removed from the compartment behind the light curtain. Should this pick location be stepped into, the correct pick is confirmed by the job display. However, should a pick be made from a pick location for which there is no signal at the input, the job display lights up red.

Application examples:

  • Pick location control on assembly stations/lines
  • Pick location control in picking areas
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