Adaptable to various applications, Wenglor's sensor products - ranging from photoelectric sensors to advanced OCR readers and scanners - ensure functionality and reliability.

For example, the Inox sensor range is designed to meet the stringent demands of the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It merges seamless connectivity and mounting into a one-piece hygienic design, exemplifying advanced, clean, and efficient sensor technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Diverse Sensor Options: Comprehensive range including ultrasonics, inductive proximities, and vision sensors to suit varied applications.
  • Inox Sensor Technology: Specifically crafted for food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring hygienic and efficient operation.
  • Versatile Applicability: Ideal for a wide array of applications, ensuring optimal functionality in diverse operational settings.
  • Reliable Sensing: Ensuring consistent and accurate sensing to facilitate smooth operational workflows.
  • Programmable Encoders: Offering Italsensor’s Programmable Encoders for enhanced operational precision and control.

Sensors Product Range