Cost-effective and flexible with fast assembly ‒ new support for securely fixing the energy supply

For secure attachment of the energy chain or the protective hose to the robot, the user can now rely on the new Lean Robotics clamps from igus. The universal retaining fixtures with hook and loop fasteners are flexible in shape and adapt to any robot arm. A slim design with rounded edges reduces the risk of injury if there is contact with the robot.
The new Lean Robotics clamp is available in various designs and suitable for use with the triflex R series TRC/TRE/TRL 30 and 40 and for all commercially available protective hoses of various diameters.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • For various robots arm diameters, universal applications
  • Suitable for igus triflex R series TRC/TRE/TRL 30, 40
  • Silicone-free and thus suitable for the automotive industry
  • Compact, smooth design
  • Slim, lightweight construction
  • Can also be combined with corrugated tube systems
  • Virtually no edges, so the risk of injury is minimised
  • Assembled and retrofitted in just a few steps
  • Low-cost addition in the igus cobot accessories product
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