Fill-level Sensors

Fill-level measurement is an especially demanding challenge where the medium occurs in various states, for example as a foam and as a liquid. Wenglor’s LevelTech fill-level sensor offers an ideal solution for stable processes without interruption.

Fill-Level Sensor Differentiates Between Foam and Liquid

With its two switching outputs, the sensor reliably differentiates between foam and liquid, and it detects barrier layers between various media such as oil and water. The fill-level sensor’s reliable switching performance is also retained where adhering, sticky and viscous media are involved.

Fill-Level Measurement in Various Media

With LevelTech sensors, it doesn’t matter whether the medium to be measured is a granulate, a powder or a liquid. This qualifies the fill-level sensor for a broad range of applications: from protection for pumps against running dry and the detection of leaks in piping systems, right on up to fill-level measurement and overflow protection for tanks and containers.

Application examples:

  • Fill-level monitoring
  • Overflow protection
  • Dry-running protection
  • Barrier layer detection
  • Media separation
  • Filter monitoring
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