Special Solutions

Explore the frontier of specialised cable management with igus Energy Chains, part of the innovative E-Change Solutions Range. These energy chains are tailor-made to tackle the most challenging ambient conditions across various industries. From cleanrooms to harsh industrial environments, our solutions are engineered to meet your specific requirements with precision and reliability.

E-Change Solutions Range is ideal for a wide array of sectors, including robotics, manufacturing, medical technology, and any industry where specialised cable management solutions are critical.

Designed for exceptional performance in the most demanding environments, these energy chains are not just products but partners in your quest for operational excellence.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Environmental Adaptability:
    • Cleanroom Compatibility: Specially designed e-skins and energy chains for cleanroom applications, ensuring minimal particulate generation and maximum cleanliness.
    • Dust and Debris Resilience: Perfect for environments with high dust or debris presence, energy chains maintain optimal performance without compromising cable safety.
    • Heat and Chip Resistance: Ideal for hot chip environments, these chains withstand extreme temperatures and abrasive conditions, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Advanced Material Technology:
    • Chemical Resistance: Manufactured with high-grade polymers, energy chains resist aggressive chemicals, making them suitable for challenging industrial processes.
    • Flammability Standards Compliance: Our range includes solutions made from materials that meet various flammability classes, enhancing safety in fire-prone environments.
  • Customised Solutions for Unique Needs:
    • RX Tubes: Fully sealed options for complete protection against external elements, ensuring the longevity and reliability of cables and hoses.
    • Low-Noise, Low-Vibration Systems: Ideal for sensitive environments, these systems minimise operational noise and vibration, maintaining a quiet and stable operation.
  • Collaborative Innovation:
    • Customer-Centric Development: We collaborate with customers to develop and test products, ensuring they meet the unique demands of various industries.
    • Proven Success in Innovative Applications: Energy chains have been successfully implemented in groundbreaking applications, showcasing their adaptability and efficiency.

Special Solutions Product Range

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