iglidur® two hole flange bearings

With this design it is possible to use iglidur® high performance plain bearings in locations where recommended housing hole tolerances are not possible. Due to the design of the bearing, high loads are possible although there is a minimal precision requirement of the housing.

  • Very good wear resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Lubrication-free

For low radial loads, it is sufficient to mount iglidur® two hole flange bearings on one surface simply with two bolts. For higher radial loads, it advisable to support the iglidur® two hole flange bearing in a housing or boss. For this hole, large tolerances are permitted, since it serves only as additional support for the iglidur® two hole flange bearing. In order to achieve higher radial loads in the bearings, the iglidur® two hole flange bearing can be press-fit into a recommended housing hole with H7 tolerances. The additional bolts ensure the fit of the bearing in the housing.

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