Industrial Communication

Transform your industrial communication with Wenglor's advanced solutions, the first to integrate Real-time Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) directly into sensors. Wenglor products support globally established data protocols including PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP™, which ensures seamless integration into existing Ethernet infrastructures. Wenglor’s industrial ethernet solutions provide high-speed data exchange and easy reading and analysis of normalised data protocols and service data, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating clear planning.

With Power over Ethernet, Wenglor products require only a single cable for both power and data transfer, significantly reducing installation and wiring costs. This streamlined setup not only saves time and money but also supports location-independent services and maintenance. Ideal for photoelectronics, image processing, and barcode scanning applications, this continually expanding product portfolio ensures you stay ahead with the latest in industrial communication technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time Ethernet Integration: First sensors with Real-time Ethernet for seamless data exchange.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): Single cable for power and data transfer, reducing installation costs.
  • Global Data Protocols: Supports PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP™ for easy integration.
  • High-Speed Data Exchange: Enables quick, efficient communication between sensor and controller.
  • Easy Data Analysis: Facilitates reading and analysis of normalised data protocols and service data.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces wiring costs and simplifies installation processes.
  • Location-Independent Maintenance: Supports remote services and maintenance for greater flexibility.
  • Broad Application Range: Suitable for photoelectronics, image processing, and barcode scanning.
  • Continuous Expansion: Regularly updated product portfolio to include the latest technologies.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Saves time and money while improving planning and analysis.

Industrial Communication Product Range

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