Simple, static applications

Discover the practicality and convenience of Energy Chains designed specifically for static applications or settings with minimal motion. These energy chains are an ideal solution for organising and protecting cables in various environments, from office desks to control cabinets, pick and place machines, semiconductor machines, and handling equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Static and Light-Motion Compatibility: Perfect for applications involving little or no motion, providing reliable cable management without the complexity of dynamic systems.
  • Attractive and Practical Designs: These energy chains come in designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ideal for office and furniture applications.
  • Flexible Cable Tiewraps: Practical cable tie wraps are included for efficient organisation within control cabinets and other compact spaces.
  • Versatile Shape Options: Available in both round and square versions, these energy chains cater to a variety of installation needs and preferences.
  • Multi-Axis Mobility: Despite being ideal for static applications, these energy chains are movable in all axes, offering flexibility when needed.
  • Installation-Friendly Construction: Designed for ease of assembly, these energy chains can be installed quickly and effortlessly, ensuring cables are fitted and ready in seconds.
  • Ideal for Various Industries: Suitable for use in office settings, furniture, light industrial machines, semiconductor manufacturing, and handling systems.
  • Enhanced Workspace Efficiency: By neatly organising cables, these energy chains contribute to a more organised, efficient, and safer workspace.

Simple, static applications Product Range

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