Reflex Light Barriers

After pressing the teach-in key just once, reflex light barriers detect any object located between themselves and any defined background. They make use of a unique functional principle to this end, which is based on a combined evaluation of signal strength and angle measurement. The extreme accuracy of this process even makes it possible to detect transparent objects without the use of reflectors.

Reflex light barriers compensate for external influences such as contamination and temperature fluctuation by means of dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold. The sensors evaluate received light in the unswitched state at regular intervals for this purpose. The intelligent function assures reliable and accurate switching performance and thus increased process reliability, even under the most adverse conditions.

Application examples:

  • Checking for the presence of sheet materials in packaging processes
  • Checking for the presence of PET and glass bottles
  • Detection of objects on conveyor belts
  • Monitoring of material flow in filling Systems
  • Use in compact machines by doing away with the need for reflectors
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