PMA Ex System for Hazardous Areas

PMA-Ex system offers products for the protection of cables, wires and hoses against not only mechanical damage but also the influences of UV radiation, weathering and chemicals.

  • Products made of specially modified, load discharging polyamide materials (PA12) for use in explosion endangered zones 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust)
  • Identical in function to the standard product range PMAFIX/PMAFLEX (since more than 40 years successfully used in applications as railway, machinery, automation, etc.)
  • Sealing system fulfilling IP68
  • System safety: For security reasons re-opening is only possible with the use of a screwdriver
  • Flexible conduits, excellent for applications with continual reversed bending
  • Quick and simple installation, reduced total installation costs (compared to other explosion-proof cable protection systems)

PMA Ex System for Hazardous Areas Product Range

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