Zipper - Zipper like design for quick opening and closing

Extremely fast opening and closing with zipper e-chains® and e-tubes - zipper e-chains® deliver in terms of practicality and performance. The "zipper" function makes them a very useful product to reduce assembly time. The small pitch, the tough-elastic zipper-band, and the sturdy link work well in high acceleration environments. The igus® "zipper" series is one of the most popular e-chain® series for demanding applications.


  • quick and easy opening and closing
  • Small pitch for low noise, smooth running
  • High acceleration rates: 100m/s2 and more
  • Inner height: 9 to 32mm
  • Crossbars on a strip along the outer radius
  • Quiet running thanks to the chain links' small pitch
  • Also available as a closed "tube version"

iF Design Award for zipper-like design 

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