Etherline fire CAT5E PH120

The Etherline fire CAT5E PH120 cable is an Industrial Ethernet for special applications.

This cable has applications including:

  • In industrial areas that use fire as a tool
  • Highly combustible or fire-prone areas
  • For fixed installation
  • For indoor use

Etherline fire CAT5E PH120 Cable Benefits and Features

  • Ensures that the cable can still transmit data during and after a fire for 120 min (according to EN50200)
  • High-quality, double screening ensures high transmission reliability in areas with electromagnetic interference
  • Solid bare copper conductor
  • Core insulation: Based on Polyolefin
  • Each insulation will be wrapped with a special tape (anti-fire barrier)
  • Twisting: 2 twisted-pair cores, stranding from 4 pairs
  • F/UTP: foil screening as overall screening
  • Halogen-free and flame-retardant FRNC outer sheath, colour: red (similar to RAL3000)

Technical Data

Cable Identification

ETIM 5.0/6.0 Class-ID: EC000830

ETIM 5.0/6.0 Class-Description: Data cable

Peak operating voltage

(not for power applications)

125 V

Minimum Bending Radius

Fixed installation: 15 x outer diameter

Characteristic Impedance

100 Ω ± 15%

Temperature Range

Operation: -20 °C to +70 °C

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