E2.1 - Inner heights 26-48mm, Inner widths 25-250mm

e-chains of the E2.1 series are characterised by a long service life, very quiet operation and easy filling and assembly. The e-chains meet themselves to the requirements of the machine, not the other way round: You can choose the best energy chain or energy tube for safe and reliable cable guidance from over 850 different variants - also as a system consisting of chain, cables and connectors.

Quiet operation, stronger and quicker to fill

  • Inner height: 26 to 48mm
  • Available in two versions:
  • Openable from both sides along the outer radius
  • Openable from both sides along the inner radius
  • The standard for applications in the medium-load range
  • Up to 10dB(A) quieter than E2/000
  • Weight to dimension ratio improved on comparable predecessor series
  • Can be assembled up to 55% quicker than predecessor
  • Optional opener tool for even quicker opening and closing

E2.1 - Inner heights 26-48mm, Inner widths 25-250mm Product Range

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