Barcode Raster Scanners

Wenglor barcode raster scanners have a wide scan range and are designed for fast, stationary applications: They scan bar codes using very high frequencies of up to 1,400 scans per second. The auto calibration mode can be started via the Teach-in button. In this mode, the scanner independently adjusts both scan rate and the scan width to suit the relevant application. Thanks to the integrated code reconstruction, even damaged, poorly applied or distorted codes can be read using a high speed.
The successful decoding of barcodes is further verified for the switching signal by an acoustic signal and an LED display.
Multiple scanners can be connected via Daisy Chain or Multidrop. A link to bus systems is possible through separate gateways.

Application examples:

  • Scanning using very high frequencies (up to 1,400 scans/s).
  • Checking the completeness and quality of printed codes
  • Identifying samples in the medical field
  • Reading barcodes on packaging
  • Product tracing in production processes
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