The alpha Value Line can be used universally and offers the best economical solution for almost every requirement. The NP planetary gearbox is suitable for all applications in the mid-range area for which an output shaft is required.


The proven output geometry of our bestseller SP + has been adapted to the NPS and is therefore also available in the value segment. In addition, a transmission of higher external forces is possible with this planetary gear.


The NPT planetary gearbox with output flange relies on the well-known output geometry of the TP + gearbox. With the HIGH TORQUE version, a product with the highest power density is also available in the value segment.


A member of the alpha Value Line is the NPR planetary gearbox for applications with medium demands on positioning accuracy. The NPR is characterized above all by its elongated holes in the output flange, which enables an optimal rack-and-pinion connection.

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