Control Cables

Experience the epitome of reliability with our control cables, precisely engineered for optimal performance under varied conditions. 

Whether situated in dry, moist, or wet rooms, our cables ensure steadfast operation without tensile stress or forced movements. 

Ideal for diverse applications such as tool machines, conveyor belts, machinery production lines, air-conditioning, and even in rigorous steel production environments, our cables stand out with their exceptional quality. 

Featuring an earth core strategically placed in the outer layer and crafted from selected PVC/PUR compounds, our cables promise enhanced flexibility coupled with economic and expedient installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimal Performance: Expertly designed to operate seamlessly without tensile stress or forced movements.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for tool machines, conveyor belts, production lines, and more, ensuring broad usability.
  • Durable Design: Crafted to function optimally in varied environments – from dry and moist to wet conditions.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Leveraging select PVC/PUR compounds, guaranteeing both flexibility and durability.
  • Efficient Installation: Designed for economic and swift installation, ensuring minimal downtime and maximised efficiency.

Control Cables Product Range

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