Treoflex Cables

Treotham Automation now offers its own range of Treoflex cables. These cables are manufactured to the highest International and Australian standards. This Treoflex range includes:

  • Control cables are resistant to mineral oils, especially to coolant emulsions and UV-radiation due to high abrasion and tear-resistant properties.
  • EMC/VSD cables are suitable for both fixed installation and movable connections in industrial equipment, process lines, power and control cables in machine tool manufacturing, plant engineering and other production lines as they meet strict safety requirements.
  • Rubber cables for connection of machines and hand tools for medium and high mechanical stress, and supplying power to low voltage appliances including electric motors and submersible pumps in deep water installations.
  • Polyurethane (PUR) cables are for mobile use due to the EPR insulation and PUR outer sheath, and are used in industrial and agricultural workshops, buildings for applications and power supply of appliances for demanding services where cables are subjected to medium mechanical stresses.
  • Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) cables for use in switchboards, bus bars, mains and sub-mains, transformers, generators, welding leads and battery chargers.
  • Silicone cables are heat-resistant and resistant to a multitude of oils, alcohols, vegetable and animal fats and chemical substances, so they are used in applications for projector and high-power lighting fixtures as well as all types of heating equipment.
  • Crane cables are for hoisting equipment, conveyor systems, building sites, shipyards, sewage treatment plants, steelworks, as well as indoor crane festoon systems.
  • Instrumentation cables are used in data processing and process control such as electrical measuring devices and instrument panels.
  • And more

Key features of Treoflex cables include:

  • Low capacitance
  • Self-extinguishing transparent/orange sheath
  • Flexible copper wire, class 5 as per PN-EN 60228 or PN-HD 383 S2
  • XLPE cross-linked polyethylene conductor insulation
  • Black, brown, grey, yellow-green (3 + 3PE). Cores twisted together without fillers
  • Electrostatic screen: polyester tape covered with a layer of aluminium, and a second screen of a tinned copper wire braid
  • Special PVC, self-extinguishing and flame-retardant, UV-resistant sheath (as per PN-N60332-1)

Treoflex Cables Product Range

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