Image Processing and Smart Cameras

Wenglor image processing solutions consist of multi-part vision systems, Smart Cameras, vision sensors and sensors for character recognition (OCR readers). Beyond this, uniVision software provides users with a high-performance, intuitive program by means of which all hardware components can be linked and their parameters can be configured.

The weQube Smart Camera, the weQubeVision sensor and the weQubeOCR reader each unite five high-performance processors with an integrated software concept. With its additional function for pattern matching, weQubeVision standard also detects objects regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image (X, Y and 360° tracking).

The variable VisionSystem2D consists of as many as 16 digital cameras with various resolution classes of up to 5 megapixels, a top-quality image chip from Sony’s Pregius series with Global Shutter and a flexible C mount threaded connection. Two different performance classes for the external control unit (i3 or i7 processor) with uniVision software can be used for image evaluation. Suitable C mount lenses and a variety of illumination options such as ring lights, spotlights and backlights are available.

Images and height profiles can be easily and flexibly evaluated with uniVision software without any previous programming knowledge at all. As a result, all of Wenglor’s image processing products can be installed and configured with just a single software package, thus reducing the learning curve as well as support and training expenses.

Image Processing and Smart Cameras Product Range

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