Flammability classes of energy chains

Technical environment and igumid G

The igumid G material, from which igus® E- Chains® are made, possesses the following wide-ranging features to cope with a variety of environments: the ability to handle pressure and strenuous loads, abrasion resistance, sturdiness, stable behavior at high and low temperatures, and suitability for outdoor use. The igus® compound igumid G is partly suitable for inconsistent requirements. Numerous application examples, from refrigerator blocks to steel mills, prove this. In extreme cases, we also offer modifications and other igus® compounds as a solution.

Technical environment:

  • Fire resistance
  • Radiation
  • Weathering
  • Cold, heat
  • Explosion areas
  • Vacuum
  • Hot chips
  • Dirt, dust
  • Clean-Room
  • Chemicals

Resistance to radiation

igumid G can be described as very resistant to radiation rich in energy. Under gamma radiation, in the range of 8 x 104 rd, the mechanical properties of igumid G change very little.

Flammability of igumid G

The flame-retardant characteristics of igumid G can be described using various classifications: All e-chains® (except for the Easy Chains® and Series 14) are made of igumid G. Test aprocedure VDE 0304 parts 3-5.70 - classification llc. Tested according to UL 94 "Standard Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances" classification 94 HB for 3,2 and 1,6 mm thickness of the body. Tested according to DIN 4102 "Fire Behavior of Building Materials and Parts" classification materials class B-2. For further requirements, please consult igus® for special solutions, such as materials with self-extinguishing properties (UL V2 or UL V0).

igumid G:
UL 94 HB

igumid NB:
UL 94 V2
UL 94 V0

Flammability of igumid NB

All Easy Chains® and Series 14 Chains are made from the flame-retardant igumid NB material. These chains have the following flame-retardant classifications:

  • UL 94 classification - V2
  • VDE 0304 Parts 3-5.70 classification - llb
  • DIN 4102 flammability of materials - B2
  • Please ask for available V0 option.

Weathering, Temperature resistance

igumid G is well suited for outdoor applications. Experience shows that the mechanical properties are not adversely affected. igus® e-chains® are used in applications as cold as -40°C. Installation may be eventually compromised at temperatures below -25°C. In such cases, we offer special solutions made from coldelastic materials. Continuous temperatures of +120°C (+160°C in the short term) are possible. The mechanical properties decrease and the service life is impaired.

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