V-Drive Advanced

V-drive is the new generation of servo worm gearhead with solid shaft, hollow shaft and hollow shaft flange outputs. The options include VDS+ (shaft, smooth/keyed/involute), VDH+ (hollow shaft, smooth/keyed), VDT+ (shaft flange), VDS economy (shaft, smooth/keyed), VDH economy (hollow shaft, smooth/keyed), washdown, food grade and shaft on both sides version. The hollow-flank teeth provide constant positioning accuracy and low backlash, along with 50% more torque. It is the highest efficiency servo worm on the market with 97% efficiency.

VT+ worm gearbox

The VT+ worm gearbox of the V-Drive family distinguishes itself by its hollow shaft flange and optimized output bearing: its high overload capacity means that axial and radial forces can be absorbed to a greater degree.

VS+ worm gearbox

The VS+ worm gearbox of the V-Drive family is characterised by a constantly low backlash. This guarantees consistently high quality with high positioning accuracy over the entire service life of the gear unit.

VH+ worm gearbox

The VH+ worm gearbox with a backlash ≤ 2 arcmin is characterised by a perfectly dimensioned output bearing for absorbing high axial and radial forces.The gearbox is therefore well suited for high input speeds..

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