Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors monitor the temperatures of liquids and gases in order to protect machines and systems from overheating or temperature drops. They forward information with extremely fast response times of less than two seconds with measuring accuracy to ±0.5° C.

Wenglor offers individualized solutions based on a modern platform with various housings, process connections and measuring ranges from -50 to +200° C.

Sensors with PT100/PT1000 Resistor or IO-Link

weFlux² temperature sensors with IO-Link generate additional status and diagnostic data in real-time in order to optimize the respective processes. The sensors can be set up automatically via the interface in order to accelerate initial start-up. Sensor replacement is quick and uncomplicated with the help of data storage and requires no programming, thus increasing system availability.

weFlux² temperature sensors with PT100 or PT1000 resistance value are distinguished by a large measuring range of -50 to +200° C.

uniTemp Sensors with Display

uniTemp sensors detect temperature changes within a range of 0 to 200° C. Measured values are read out via the large, easy-to-read 7-segment display. The uniform design with intuitive operating and connection concepts is clear-cut and extremely user-friendly. 

Application examples:

  • Temperature monitoring in brewing processes
  • Monitoring of inlet and return temperatures for solar-thermal energy conversion
  • Temperature control in cheese production
  • Temperature measurement in tempering ovens
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