Two Hand relays

Elevate the safety standards of your industrial operations with our advanced two-hand safety relays. Featuring top-quality offerings from Wieland and Pilz, our safety two-hand modules are designed to ensure the highest levels of protection on machines with a high potential for injury, such as presses, shearing, and punching machines. To protect operating personnel, our relays require simultaneous activation of two-hand controls within a 500 ms time window, preventing hazardous machine movement unless both of the operator's hands are safely outside the hazardous area. Compliant with safety category 4/Pl e as per EN ISO 13849 and type III C safety requirements as per EN 574, our two hand relays are the pinnacle of safety and reliability for industrial applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced Operator Safety: Ensures that both of the operator's hands are located outside the hazardous area before machine operation can be initiated.
  • Simultaneous Activation: Requires both hands to operate the control simultaneously within a 500 ms window, enhancing safety measures.
  • High Safety Compliance: Meets safety category 4/Pl e as per EN ISO 13849 and type III C as per EN 574, ensuring top-tier safety and reliability.
  • Trusted Brands: Features safety modules from renowned brands Wieland and Pilz, known for their quality and precision in safety technology.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for high-risk machinery, including presses, shearing, and punching machines, across various industrial settings.
  • Operational Reliability: Provides a reliable safety mechanism to keep the machine in an operational state, ensuring consistent productivity.
  • Durable and Reliable: Constructed with durability in mind, our two-hand safety relays are built to last in harsh industrial environments.
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