Unitronic devicenet thick and thin

The Unitronic DeviceNet thick and thin cable connects sensors, drives and PLCs.

This cable is based on the CAN technology. Germanischer Lloyd and UL/CSA-approved. Temperature range from -25°C bis +80°C.

  • For fixed installation
  • DeviceNet connects industrial devices, e.g. limit switches, photoelectric switches, valve islands, motor starters, drives, PLCs, etc.

Unitronic DeviceNet Thick + Thin Cable Benefits and Features

  • Resistant to oils
  • Based on proven CAN (Controller Area Network) technology
  • Permissible cable lengths vary with the data rate and the cable thickness
  • FRNC Version: Halogene free and flame retardant

Technical Data

Cable Identification

ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000830

ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Data cable

Core identification code

Data pair: light blue + white

Power supply: red + black

Mutual capacitance

(800 Hz): max. 39.8 nF/km

Peak Operating Voltage

300 V (not for power applications)

Conductor Resistance

Thick (loop): max. 45 ohm/km

Thin (loop): max. 180 ohm/km

Minimum Bending Radius

Fixed installation: 15 x outer diameter

Test voltage

Core/core: 2000 V

Characteristic impedance

120 ohm

Temperature range

Fixed installation: -25°C to +80°C

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