Flow Sensors

Wenglor’s flow sensors work in accordance with a further developed calorimetric principle. The sensor’s measuring probe is heated and flow rate is measured on the basis of the amount of heat which is carried off by the flowing medium. The advantage: Acquired values can be used to determine temperature at the same time, thus eliminating additional costs and mounting space otherwise required for temperature sensors.

Wenglor’s flow calculator is available as a free software tool for the calculation of flow rates.

Installation in Any Position

The further developed calorimetric process makes it possible to mount the sensors in any position, thus ensuring maximum installation flexibility. Furthermore, the sensors don’t have to be aligned to the direction of flow. This prevents installation errors and associated production downtime.

weFlux² Flow Sensors with IO-Link

weFlux² flow sensors in high quality V4A stainless steel housings communicate intelligently, and in real-time, via the latest IO-Link standard. The additionally generated data make it possible to optimize processes and accelerate initial start-up with the help of the sensor’s automatic setup procedure.

Sensor replacement is quick and uncomplicated with the help of data storage and requires no programming, thus increasing system availability.

uniFlow Flow Sensors with Display

uniFlow flow sensors are equipped with a large 7-segment display which permits easy reading of measured values as percentages or in litres per minute. The uniform design with intuitive control and connection concepts offers maximized user-friendliness.

Application examples:

  • Flow rate monitoring in filling machines
  • Coolant water monitoring in electric power generators
  • Coolant water control
  • Protection to prevent pumps from running dry 
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