Safety Edge

GE series safety contact edges are world-wide patented, combine German technique with new as well as proved materials to one-piece extruded two chamber profiles.

Inside the safety contact edge is the in-extruded switching unit, which consists of two conductive switching surfaces on the inside and a high-isolating outer material. In each of this conductive elastomer there is a copper wire; that permits low-resistance evaluation in larger length of the safety contact edges. The switching unit is protected by the outside covering chamber against damages.

The molded plugs ensure a permanent contacting of the conductive layers of the switching unit. For additional water protection, the contacted SKL is also sealed with end caps using a special permanently elastic glue to cover any gaps. To secure it, the SKL is pressed into the aluminum C profile. As a result of the modular design and simple packaging of the GE series, assembly time in the case of self-assembly is reduced to a minimum. SKL’s can also be manufactured in individual lengths and repairs carried out on site.

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