The metric cable gland with superior performance

Larger sealing ranges, better seal, improved strain relief and a unique identification system – those are the features of blueglobe. The spherical sealing insert made from specially modified TPE plastic centres the forces perfectly during tightening of the pressure screw and presses over a large area of the inserted cable. This results in the high ingress protection rating of IP 68 (up to 15 bar) or IP 69K as well as pull-out forces of up to 100 % more than the requirement of EN 62444 class B, without cutting into or indenting the cable sleeve irreparably and hence compromising the seal.

Your advantages:

  • Brass and stainless steel cable glands in sizes M8 to M85
  • Plastic cable glands in sizes M10 to M63
  • For cable diameters between 1.5 mm and 77 mm
  • Standard sealing inserts for temperatures between -40 °C and +130 °C
  • Silicone sealing inserts in the HT variant for temperatures between -55 °C and +180 °C
  • Full identification marking system with the "globemarker"
  • Ex, EMC, hygienic and high temperature variants

In the metal cable glands, a rubber (NBR) or silicone o-ring sits in a groove to ensure a secure seal around the clearance hole in the housing. Because of their larger sealing ranges, comparatively fewer sizes of cable glands are generally required to reliably seal any given number of differently sized cables. Their sealing ranges can be further increased by taking out the removable inlets from the sealing inserts.

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