UNI Flange and UNI Split Gland excel with an excellent seal and high strain relief

For rationalisation and quality assurance reasons, machine and plant engineering companies and the electrical industry are increasingly using preassembled and tested cables – including plug, sensors etc. For this field as well, PFLITSCH offers better alternatives than the conventional solutions found on the market: based on the UNI Dicht systems, the splittable UNI Flange with its three integrated cable glands as well as the splittable UNI Split Gland cable gland provide high ingress protection ratings, superior strain relief to EN 62444 class A, not to mention simple installation and later removal.

The reliable seal of these products is ensured by any one of over one hundred sealing inserts made from TPE-V, which can accommodate cables from 2.0 mm to 20.5 mm in diameter. Multiple-cable sealing inserts can feed several cables – including cables with different thicknesses – through one hole in a housing.

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