Cat6 Ethernet Cable

If you’re looking for high quality, dependable and reliable CAT 6 ethernet cabling, look no further than our Etherline range of CAT 6 cables.

Etherline CAT 6 cabling features

  • Fixed or flexible variations of cabling to suit your specific application’s cabling requirements.
  • Models with PUR outer sheath which is resistant to most oil and hydraulic fluids.
  • Models that can be used for CAT.6 for drag chain applications, designed for 1-2 million bending/unbending cycles in the drag chain.
  • Models that have built in premium screening against electromagnetic interference.

cat6 ethernet cable3

These features make the Etherline range of CAT 6 cables ideal for a range of application environments such as in moving parts in dry or damp rooms, patch cable installations (max 60m), plant engineering and machinery manufacturing environments.

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Get in touch with our team for more information about the Etherline range of CAT6 ethernet cables, and to discuss your needs. We’re happy to provide you with data sheets for detailed technical information and could help make recommendations based on your specific application requirements.