Flex Cable

With a range of flex cables for virtually any industrial automation application, trust us to provide fast, reliable and dependable services to all your cabling needs. And because all our cables are produced in Europe, rest assured that they conform to the highest industry standards, and guarantee longevity and value for money year after year.

Flexible cables for a wide range of applications

Our OLFLEX cables are renowned for power and control cables. And the oil resistant flexible cables from Lapp Group can withstand even the very toughest conditions.

flex cable

The OLFLEX flex cables application range includes:

  • Industrial machinery, machine tools, plant and equipment engineering.
  • Wind power and solar systems.
  • Public buildings, airports and stations.
  • Food and beverage industry.
  • Construction machinery, vehicles and agricultural equipment.
  • Mobile electrical equipment such as electric tools, power tools and domestic appliances.

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Speak to our friendly team to learn more information, and to select the right flex cable for your application. With expert knowledge and extensive experience, our team is dedicated to helping you make the right choice in selecting the right flex cable for your needs.