Plastic Conduits And Fittings

In this article, find out about our range of plastic conduits and plastic conduit fittings we supply to the New Zealand market.

Treotham Automation has been providing product and component solutions to the industrial automation sector for over 25 years.

Our team of experts are experienced in determining cost effective solutions based on the latest technology and can also tailor solutions to specific requirements using our fully equipped workshop.

So you can determine if plastic conduits and/or plastic conduit fittings are appropriate for your application, we have provided a list of applications below that they are suitable for. 5.1Conduits

Plastic Conduits

With over 30 different conduit types, our PMAFLEX plastic conduits are suitable for a diverse range of applications and technical requirements where cable and/or personnel protection is required.

Some of the many features and benefits of our plastic conduit products may include (depending on the conduit type) - weather, compression and reversed bending resistant, low and high temperature performance, halogen free, sizes ranging from 6mm – 125mm diameters and lightweight to heavy duty options. The plastic conduits are REACH and RoHS compliant and comply with many approval ratings. Download the plastic conduit brochure for detailed technical specifications.

Plastic Conduit Fittings

We offer a very large range of PMAFIX plastic conduit fittings that are made with specially formulated Polyamide 6. They are halogen free, REACH and RoHS compliant, have very good technical properties and are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C and +105°C (+160°C for short term use). They also have excellent conduit pull-out strength and are high impact resistant.

Download the plastic conduit fittings brochure for detailed technical specifications.

Plastic Conduit and Plastic Conduit Fitting Applications

Applications where plastic conduits may be suitable (depending on the specifications of each conduit) include:

  • Machine building
  • Traction vehicles
  • Rail infrastructure
  • Automation / Robotics
  • Shipping and Off-shore
  • Energy
  • Vehicle construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Building construction
  • High temperature applications

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