Rubber Cables

Treotham have supplied quality products and components to industrial markets for over 30 years, including various types of rubber cable. Our range of all-weather and rubber cables have various bending radius’, voltage capabilities, temperature range resistances, and other properties.

Rubber Cables

Rubber Cables

Specifications of Rubber Cables

Each rubber coated cable has technical specifications, structures, properties and application purposes. For more information about each rubber cable, download the all-weather and rubber cables PDF document. However, a summary of each is as follows:

  • Yellowflex - a tough rubber sheathed cable suitable for high demand applications with durability against mechanical stress
  • H05RR-F / H05RN-F - used for connecting electrical equipment with medium to low mechanical stress, in fixed & dry environmental locations
  • H07RN-F - a heavy-duty rubber sheathed flexible cable for use in industry works (e.g. electric tools, transportable motors & machines)
  • A07RN-F - another heavy-duty rubber sheathed flexible cable with similar properties to the H07RN-F cable

Find out more about each rubber cable gland by ordering a free catalogue online (select flexible cables).

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To learn more about any of the rubber cables or rubber cable shrouds, contact your local Treotham team.