Single Core Flexible Cable

Single core cables are used in various applications such as lighting technology, control cabinet manufacturing, electric motor industry and thermal and heating elements. Our range of single core flexible cables includes power and control cables as well as flexible earth cables.

Types and specifications of single core cables

Unmatched versatility single core cables

  • H07V-K <HAR> – European <HAR> cable type certification. These single core cables are built to some of the highest European standards, and is ideal for applications such as laying in tubes exposed or buried in plaster and in closed installation ducts.
  • OLFLEX HEAT 180 SiF – Versatile single core cable with extended temperature range. This cable has insulating properties after combustion due to remaining SiO2 ash on the conductor. Typical fields of application include thermal and heating elements, furnace construction, ventilator engineering and control cabinet manufacturing.
  • Treoflex-Flexible Earth – featuring thinned copper conductors for sizes 0.75mm2 to 6mm2 and annealed bare copper conductors for size 10mm2 and over, these cables feature class 6 fine stranding and insulation of special Soft X-HF-110. This flexible single core cable is ideal for use in switchboards, transformers and generators and mains and sub-mains applications.

Pick the right single core cable for your needs

Discuss your needs with our experienced and knowledgeable team. We’re more than happy to provide an obligation free consultation and make recommendations on selecting the right single core cables or single core flexible cables for your specific industrial automation application.