Types Of Conduits

In this article, find out about the types of conduit available including electrical conduit types and types of conduit fittings.

With over 25 years providing components and products including a large range of conduits to the industrial automation sector, we are leaders in the industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers who are experts when it comes to conduits. Find out everything you need to know about conduits below.

Types of Conduitflexible conduits3

There are many different types of conduits available depending on their use and safety requirements. They vary in size and material type (e.g. polyamide plastics, metal) and can be used for a variety of applications such as machine building, telecommunications, automation/robotics, rail infrastructure, energy and extreme hazardous areas.

The three main types of conduit are:

1. Flexible tubular conduits
Corrugated plastic or other materials such as fibre or metal are used. The outer layer of the tube can also be braided instead of corrugated.

2. Split conduits
Tubular shaped but can split open allowing access to the cables at different points of the conduit.

3. Braided conduits
Flat as opposed to tubular with lines running through it. Made up of either plastic or metal mesh.

Electrical Conduit Types

We partner with PMA AG, who manufacture flexible electrical conduits. Over 30 different types of electrical conduits are available with sizes varying between 6mm to 125mm.

Our range of electrical conduit types includes:


Suitable for electrical installations (especially in the US market).

It can be used in the machine building and installation industries and is an inexpensive solution for meeting requirements according to UL 1660 (UL Listing). It is constructed with specially modified polyamide 6.

Features include:

  • Good ductility and reverse bending characteristics
  • Very good mechanical properties even under extreme conditions (e.g. low temperatures or humidity)
  • It is self-extinguishing (according to UL 94 V2)
  • It is free from halogens, REACH and RoHS compliant
  • It has a temperature range of -40 C. to +105 C. (short term to +160 C.)


Suitable for electrical cabinets and appliance construction. Features include:

  • Specially modified polyethylene
  • Very good ductility
  • Suitable for small bending radii
  • Good resistance against strong acids and bases
  • Free from halogens, REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Temperature range of -50 C. to +60 C.

To find out more about electrical conduit types available download the pdf here

Types of Conduit Fittings

There are many different types of conduit fittings and connectors available, depending on the conduit type and application requirements. In our PMAFIX range, we supply the following conduit fitting types:

Other types of conduit fittings and accessories we supply to the New Zealand market are, multiple conduit fixations, jumbo systems, PMAFIX Pro, PMA JACKs, PMA automation, PMA Ex systems, EMC systems, Fire barrier solutions and more.

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