What Is An Energy Chain

Exclusively distributing many international product lines for over 25 years, Treotham provide customers with extensive knowledge & personalised industrial solutions. Representing Igus energy chains, we provide the best industrial solutions using their cutting-edge technology. For more information, download the Igus Energy Chain data sheet.

Applications & Types of Energy Chains

Commonly tasked with securing the supply of energy and data to mobile consumer equipment, energy chains are also suitable for universal applications such as:

  • Industrial motion and travel
  • Guidance of sensitive bus and data cables, similar to electric, gas, air and liquid hose guidance
  • Reliable operation under high dynamic loads and in heavy-duty equipment
  • Usage in any environment and climatic zones

Note: an energy chain can also be referred to as a power chain, drag chain, cable chains, cable carriers, cat track, or e chain.

Defining Energy Chains

If you’re unsure of how an energy chain can assist in your industrial applications, and questioning ‘what is an energy chain?’, contact your local Treotham team. Our energy chain definition is that energy chains are used to carry and guide power to moving parts of machines or structures. The power can come from electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic sources.

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