Perfect lubrication for a perfect system

In order to achieve a long service life, our rack and pinion systems require adequate lubrication. We offer you suitable lubricating pinions, fastening axles, and lubricators, all adapted perfectly to our systems.

The lubrication system – an accessory that makes the difference

Due to the high feed forces which can occur in a rack-and-pinion drive, the open toothing must be lubricated at all times. We therefore recommend automatic relubrication using our special lubrication system comprised of a polyurethane lubricating pinion and a lubricator.

The lubricator supplies the lubricating pinion with a preset grease quantity determined by you. This ensures an optimal lubricating film on the rack and pinion. In addition to supplying grease, the lubricating pinion also cleans the open toothing.

Lubricants – You have the choice!

We have the right lubricant whatever the application, for example for rack-and-pinion drives, linear guides and ball screws. Performance lubricants are optimally distributed on the toothing by the lubricator and the lubricating pinion. The grease cartridges are very easy to replace.

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