The ELGO measuring system BMIX is based on the physical principle of length and position measurement by using magneto-sensitive components. It is used for a high-precision detection of the position, length or speed. A rechargeable battery line integrated in the sensor housing transforms the incremental measuring system into a quasi-absolute measuring system, as the current position is - even in the de-energized state - permanently detected and furtherprocessed internally. Under optimal charging and ambient conditions, the operating time of the batteries is up to 6 months after disconnecting the supply voltage.

  • Quasi-absolute length and position detection
  • Movements are even detected in de-energized condition
  • Proven magnetically based measuring technology
  • Wear-free, contactless measurement principle
  • Analog output interface (voltage or current, CANopen (DS406) interface
  • High schock and vibration resistance
  • Robust against dust, dirt, smoke and water
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