Enabling Switches

The enabling switch is a manually operated control device which enables work in the danger zone around automated manufacturing systems in 'manual operating mode'. The enabling switch allows the operator to initiate a machine movement in a machine's danger zone and thus, for example, carry out controlled set-up and service work. Any persons in the danger zone must be carrying their enabling switch in order to be able to take countermeasures in time in the case of imminent danger.

All Wenglor enabling switches feature a three-level structure to stop the movement of the machine by both releasing (level 1) and by pressing the enabling button by cramping the hand (level 3).

Extensive commissioning or service work may require a long-lasting hold of the pressure point (enabling). The enabling switch has an ergonomic housing so as not to lead to fatigue. Work is facilitated in particular by the positioning of the rubberized enabling button, the additional push-buttons and the switch's low weight.

Application examples:

  • Enabling for service work
  • Enabling for set-up and programming work
  • Enabling for tool or format changes
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